ImuPro is a food allergy testing concept that provides individual nutritional analysis and personalised post-test guidance.

I was responsible for setting up the infrastructure and security as well as the design and layout of the website. Furthermore, I developed a Quick Check tool where patients can find out whether or not food allergies might be the cause for their chronic complaints.

ImuPro Partner Page

After the launch of which is targeted at end users, I started working on a site with information targeting companies that are interested in becoming a distributor of ImuPro.

This website contains a restricted internal section with downloads and news for partners.

Local ImuPro Pages

I also worked on localized partner pages for multiple partners simultaneously. While the German version,, is already launched the Spanish, French and Singapore page (which will consist of an English and Chinese version) are still under development.

Worldwide SEO strategy

A big challenge apart from setting up the multiple websites is making sure that they don’t conflict with each other’s ranking in search engines. There are multiple reasons why this can happen. In this case different countries are using the same or multiple languages.

Thus, I made sure the sites are optimized and set up with the necessary measures to rank correctly in the right regions without penalties by search engines.